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Nonprofit Leadership Initiative (NPLI) exists to connect Fox Cities nonprofit community members to training, resources, and networking needed to move their organizations and the communities they serve forward.

We’ve trained and provided resources for:

Nonprofit Leaders

Nonprofit Organizations

throughout the Fox Cities

We connect leaders to education, development and networking opportunities

We support nonprofit leaders on three dynamic fronts: development, resources, and networking. Access unmatched opportunities for professional growth within the nonprofit world with NPLI. 



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Networking & Community Building

Networking & Community Building

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Alumni Testimonials

“These modules are fantastic, and I’m honored to be a part of the pilot.  Keep up the good work, and thank the funders for us please!”

“This training aligned perfectly with our Strategic Plan and thanks for providing experts in their field.”

“The tools that were given make it easier to quickly implement the learned material in each session.”

“A huge benefit will be the access to a cohort of nonprofit leaders in the valley going forward.”

“Best finance trainer I ever had; he knew we were overwhelmed and kept it in simple terms and explained all aspects well.”

“Since the Fundraising session, we have discussed and developed a three-year plan to engage more individual donors.”