By David Weiss, Executive Director

There are many reasons I love my job. One is the satisfaction of seeing the lightbulbs go on when Leaders “get it” during a Leadership Institute class. Another is the appreciation I feel from the funders who support the Nonprofit Leadership Initiative (NPLI). Another is working with seasoned professionals who anticipate the need and are always working for the good of the nonprofits we serve. Finally, following in the footsteps of (and still learning from) a leader who always has best-practices in mind makes it easy to find what I need, trust the work behind how things were built, and having faith in the why behind what we do.

It Takes a Village

NPLI is the shared vision of many individuals who want to see nonprofits thrive, and who came together to dream of what could be. As I examine the onion, there are Founders, Staff, Funders and participants to thank for starting and growing this experiment. There are Instructors who help to shape, innovators who help to grow, and visionaries who continue to push. Just when I think I have it figured out, I learn about another community leader that has their fingerprints on this masterpiece.

We live in a dynamic/connected world 

Our strategic plan identified the need to have some impact up stream as well, so newer nonprofit professionals have the tools to be successful and connections to grow with. Toward this aim, we are exploring ways to offer a Leadership Institute-like experience for junior nonprofit professionals, and something to provide those interested in nonprofit boards, with a better understanding of what effective board service looks like. Ultimately, we would like to inspire more effective board members, and grow nonprofit staff toward a successful career in making a difference.

It’s all about the fundamentals

To be a successful Nonprofit Leader, I need to model what we preach. That means, transparency and accountability, communication and thankfulness that shows the impact of your investment. As we collect additional success metrics and try new things, expect to learn more and understand deeper, the world and impact of NPLI.

Thank you for investing in the nonprofits we serve by investing in NPLI. Thanks for asking tough questions, and thank you for spreading the word. Together, we will impact our community thru investments in the organizations who do amazing work for those in the most need.