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Board Connect matches passion with purpose

If you’ve ever adopted an animal, gone to a free concert, given blood, or given a financial donation, chances are you were engaging with a nonprofit. Nonprofits are doing amazing work, and just as important as the work you can see, is the work done behind the scenes....

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March Network for Good

“If it could give me a ring, I’d marry it!”  I wasn’t expecting this enthusiastic response from Jamie LaFreniere, Executive Director of Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra, when I asked her how the Network for Good software was working for her, but it was music to my ears....

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NPLI encourages growth through role-playing

How many times have you been encouraged to step out of your comfort zone?  In our head we know doing this can be anxiety-producing, but it also creates opportunities for growth and learning. But for me, I don’t typically embrace the opportunity when presented. As a...

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Nonprofit Leadership’s Best and Worst List

Everyone loves best and worst lists, don’t they? It’s hard to resist clicking on a link to learn the best and worst cars of the year, dresses at the Oscars, or new ice cream flavors of 2019. As the Nonprofit Leadership Initiative (NPLI) wrapped up its 2019-20 fiscal...

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