Leadership Institute Attendee Feedback

“These modules are fantastic, and I’m honored to be a part of the pilot.  Keep up the good work, and thank the funders for us please!”

“The Institute at its inception and for its first run is really seamless. The purpose, material, and deliver is key and has been first rate!”

“With the Personal Leadership training I am now able to embrace conflict and encourage it in team meetings. Conflict brings opportunity!”

“This training aligned perfectly with our Strategic Plan and thanks for providing experts in their field.”

“The tools that were given make it easier to quickly implement the learned material in each session.”

“Online resources have everything and the kitchen sink.  But what I like about this training is that the knowledge was coming from a person instead of a PD, and I could learn from real world examples.”

“A huge benefit will be the access to a cohort of nonprofit leaders in the valley going forward.”

“Best finance trainer I ever had; he knew we were overwhelmed and kept it in simple terms and explained all aspects well.”

“This information will have immediate application – as early as a few days from now! Budgeting is not my strength, but it is a very key part of my agency’s solvency. I now feel more literate from a definition/semantic standpoint, and more confident that I will be able to stay more on track with my finances. And, I hope to use the templates to help me make better decisions.”

“The finance topic can seem intimidating for small non-profits. The trainer really took the time to answer specific questions and try to help us all see how to apply the information to our differing organizations.”

“Finance was a subject that I felt confident in, but I never realized the gaps I had in my knowledge. I’m still leaving with confidence, but also with lots of opportunities to expand on our operations, reporting, and efficiencies.”

“I learned much more from the Fundraising session than I could have hoped or expected.”

“Since the Fundraising session we have discussed and developed a three-year plan to engage more individual donors.”

“All modules and trainers have been great, very valuable information for growth.”

“To date, a really well done and valuable learning experience. First time “deals” always need to be tweaked and adjusted…it is a credit to all those involved from building to instructor that this has run so smoothly.”

“I typically would not give up ten hours in a week for an exercise in collaboration. I would ask how it helps those I am here to serve, this institute has value and a direct correlation to the success of my mission. I am going to send folks to the institute as long as it runs. One more feather in the cap of a resource rich community.”